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Moss & Algae

Moss will normally start to appear around your property after about 7 years. It particularly loves to grow on tarmac and on concrete roof tiles. On many buildings moss will start to grow on the roof, spread from the roof to the gutters, and then onto footpaths and drives. And it can spread very quickly.
Moss holds water, which can add weight to a roof causing stress on the structure. It expands when frozen causing damage to gutters and becomes extremely slippery on footpaths, driveways, and playgrounds. When treating moss we call it moss “control” as it is very hard to kill completely.

Algae can be red, green, or black and will colonise exterior surfaces such as renders, concrete, timber decking, aluminium, and so on. A large build up of algae can look “grimy”, especially when its dormant as then the colour often changes to black or brown.

Algae is the number one cause of concrete paths looking dirty.
Historically, power washing or sodium hypochlorate (industrial bleach designed for sterilising milking parlours) was used to remove the grime. However the algae spores remained and quickly recolonised.
This meant the grimy appearance re-appeared after only 3-6 months, depending on the time of year. This disappointed many property owners, especially as power washing can be expensive. The net result was that some people began to leave cleaning their drives and paths until they got “really bad”.
Fortunately, using today’s modern soft wash systems with BENZ Biocides, a 9-12 month application is enough to give all year round cleanliness, and freedom from growths.

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