Fascia & Softfit

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Breffni Cleaning Services use the correct chemicals to ensure your property is left looking its best while also ensuring the results will last for as long as possible.

Fully Insured

For your peace of mind. We are fully insured in case any problems arise.


We guarantee your property will be back to looking it's best in no time.


We know all the tricks to treat your problem areas using the correct techniques.


We make sure our work will remain intact for as many years as possible.

Fascia & Softfit

Power washing fascia & soffit can cause serious damage to your home. High pressure water is often blown through vents into the attic It can also remove paint or dashing from your walls. If used too close to your windows it can blow the seals causing the gas between the panes of glass to leak out and condensation to get in leaving your windows looking dirty permanently. 

At Breffni Cleaning Service we always plan first to see exactly what is needed to leave your home or business looking great. 

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We want to give you the best possible results when treating and protecting your home or business. That’s why we only use tested and proven chemicals when we work and are completely insured for every situation.

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